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Entitlements -- Memberships, Benefits, Passes and Offers

Entitlements consist of various types of items that can be earned or assigned to a customer account. Through the use of promotional codes, entitlements can grant customers discounts and access to events. Entitlements include the following items:

  • Memberships: can be earned through donations, the purchase of a miscellaneous item or bundle, or assigned manually. Memberships may also carry benefits.
  • Benefits: can be earned through a membership or assigned manually.
  • Passes: are used to hold a customer’s admissions. Passes can be given to a customer with the purchase of a bundle, performance or miscellaneous item.
  • Offers: can be assigned to a customer account based upon order history.

The following image illustrates the Customer Services application Customer|Entitlements page:

For more information, refer to Customer Services Customer-Entitlements Pages.