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AVTiki Global.asa Settings (Versions Prior to AudienceView 6.3.3)

In versions of AudienceView prior to 6.3.3 it was necessary to set the 'Facebook App ID', 'Facebook App Secret' and 'Page ID' in the UI\global.asa file.

To edit the global.asa, search for the following:

Application( "fbAppID" ) = "236089013095901";
Application( "fbPageID" ) = "201093216569139";
Application( "fbSecret" ) = "d744e645ba1957c8936a2a378a889310";

The 'Facebook App ID' (fbAppID in the global.asa page) and 'Facebook App Secret' (fbSecret in the global.asa) can be found in the Basic Info section of the Facebook App.

The 'Page ID' (fbPageID global.asa) is the identifying number of your organization's Facebook page.

To locate the Facebook 'Page ID', complete the following:

  1. Log into Facebook using an administrator's account.
  2. Navigate to the your organization's Facebook page.
  3. Click 'Edit Page'.
    The URL will contain the Page ID.
  4. Copy the ID (the numbers following id=) and paste it into the global.asa.
Making any changes to the global.asa will reset that particular AudienceView site.