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AVTiki Header Image Guidelines

The header is carried throughout the AVTiki purchase flow. Important logos, text and information should be configured inside the header so that it will be displayed to users throughout their AVTiki transaction.

The AVTiki header consists of two logos that are controlled through the global style sheet, and a Banner article that is controlled through the Content Management application. For more information, refer to the Content Management Articles.

The secondary logo should be no higher than 30 pixels, so that the image does not stretch the black bar and/or create any distortion.

If an image is used to fill the Banner article, the image should be no wider than 810 pixels. Images wider than 810 pixels will get cut off by the iframe.

Secondary Logo

  • Default image: audienceview.png
  • Default image width: 91px
  • Default image height: 30px (at the most)

Banner Article Image

  • Default image: audienceview-header.png
  • Default image width: 810px (at the most)
  • Default image height: 150px