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Using Notes

Notes can be used to save information that may be useful to you or another user at a later date. Notes can be created and attached within several components of AudienceView.

Notes can be:

  • created/assigned to a user within the My AudienceView application My Notes pages
  • created/attached to a customer or an order in the Customer Services application Customer|Notes and Order|Notes pages
  • created/attached to a customer as a Customer Pop-Up that will display when a customer account is loaded in the Desktop (Customer Pop-Up notes are not visible to AudienceView Online customers)
  • created/attached to a performance in the Venue Configuration application Performances|Notes page
  • created/attached to a program, campaign, appeal or a fund in the Funds Management application Program|Details, Program|Campaign, Program|Appeal and Funds|Details pages 

The following can be assigned to a note:

  • A status (e.g. In Progress, Completed).
  • A due date for completing a follow-up on the issue that resulted in the note’s creation.
  • One or more owners responsible for a follow-up.
  • An Access mode (e.g. Private, Public, Readable) to determine whether other users can view or modify the note.
  • A URL can be attached to a note to allow direct access from the note to a related webpage.
  • Files can be attached to notes.

Adding a Due Date to a note means:

  • The note becomes a task and is displayed on the creator’s My AudienceView application My Notes|Home|Created by page and on the My AudienceView application My Notes|Home|Assigned to page for any user chosen in the 'Owners' field (including the creator’s if he or she assigns the note to himself or herself).
  • If a user is selected in the 'Owners' field, but no due date is entered, the note displays on the user’s My AudienceView application My Notes|Notes page.

A note will only appear on the My Notes|Home|Created by page and the My Notes|Home|Assigned to page if the note's due date is within the calendar's 'Duration Selector' range.

The following icons will appear across all of the Customer Services application pages if a note has been attached to a customer or an order. Clicking on the icon will take you directly to the appropriate Note page where the note resides.

Icon Description
Indicates a customer note.
Indicates an order note.