AudienceView Connect

Adding or Cancelling Third Party Tickets

If your organization requires the ability to scan tickets provided by a ticketing system other than AudienceView, you can use the Performance|Tickets page to upload a series of ticket numbers for a given performance to AudienceView, if you have the approriate permissions.

When adding or cancelling third party ticket numbers, you can only work with one performance at a time.

At the same time, if you have uploaded ticket numbers provided by a third party, you can also use this page to cancel these tickets. You cannot use the Print|Print Cancel page to cancel the tickets as the tickets are not attached to an order in AudienceView. For more information, refer to Cancelling Printed Tickets in a Batch.

Once you have added or cancelled third party tickets, you can run a Business Intelligence query to report on the tickets for the performance. For more information, refer to Business Intelligence and Reports.

To block a range of ticket numbers so that AudienceView does not generate the same numbers as those from the third party, refer to Configuring Blocked-Off and Pass-Through Ticket Numbers.

Contact AudienceView Support via the Support Portal at for further assistance around the use of third party ticket numbers within your system. If you do not have a 'User Name' or 'Password' send an email to