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Printing Order Invoices in a Batch

Before You Begin

Before you begin this procedure, ensure you have:

Printing Invoices in a Batch

You can print invoices for a batch of orders if you have the permission to do so.

To batch print invoices, complete the following:

  1. Open the Utilities application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Orders tab.
    The Orders|Query Select page appears.
  3. Select General Invoice.
    The query opens in the Orders|Order Invoice page.
  4. Enter your search criteria.
    For more information, refer to Utilities Orders-Order Invoice Page.
  5. Click 'Search'.
    Your search results appear in the select orders section. If multiple pages of search results are displayed, you can use the '<< Previous' and 'Next >>' buttons to open the additional pages.
  6. To invoice only selected orders, in the select orders section, select the check box next to each order you want to invoice.
    Click 'Select All' to select all of the orders on the current page. This will not select orders on other pages. If you want to invoice all of the search results, you can choose 'Invoice All' at the end of this procedure.
  7. Specify whether you want to Email or Print the invoice using the 'Target' dropdown.
    If you choose to email, ensure that each customer/contact has a valid email address attached to their account and that your email server has been setup accordingly. If printing, ensure that your Windows printer has been setup and configured as well.
  8. Select the invoice template to use from the 'Format' dropdown.
  9. If printing invoices, select the printer from the 'Printer' dropdown.
  10. If you selected specific orders to invoice, click 'Invoice Selected'.
    If you want to invoice all orders returned in your search results (including results found on multiple pages), click 'Invoice All'.

The batch results section appears indicating the progress of the batch. When completed, "Batch Run Completed!" appears.