AudienceView Connect

Using Mail Merge to Print Tax Receipts and Thank You Letters

Once you have extracted data for tax receipts and thank you letters, you can use AudienceView mail merge functionality to generate a mail merge document for printing. The mail merge will merge the data from the extract into the selected Microsoft Word document template and create a new, merged document. The template used to generate the tax receipt and thank you letter depends on your selection when you extracted the data.

Before You Begin

Before you generate tax receipts and/or thank you letters using mail merge, ensure you have:

Generating a Merged Document

To generate a merged document using an extracted mail merge file, complete the following:

  1. Browse to the location where you downloaded the mail merge extract.
    For more information, refer to Extracting Tax Receipt Data and Extracting Thank You Letter Data.
  2. Double-click the extracted file. This file will have an *.amm extension.
    The application processes the merge and the merged file appears. The application prompts you with the number of records processed in the merge.
  3. Review and print the mail merge as desired.