AudienceView Connect

Creating a Note

The procedure for creating a note is the same across AudienceView.

The following example demonstrates the creation of a note through the My AudienceView application, but the steps can be used across all of the AudienceView applications that allow you to use notes. For a list of the pages that notes can be created in, refer to Using Notes.

For specific information on the area you are working in, refer to the relevant section in this guide.

  1. Open the My AudienceView application from the AudienceView Desktop, or select Options and then My AudienceView or press SHIFT+M.
    The My Notes|Home|Created by page appears.
  2. Click 'Add Note'.
    The notes area displays several data fields.
  3. Complete the applicable fields.
    For more information, refer to Note Fields.
  4. Click 'Create'.
    A window confirms that the application created the note.
  5. Click 'OK'.

Note Fields

To create a note, you can make field entries or selections as described in the following section:

Field Description
Subject Classifies the type of note (e.g. Customer Complaint, Ticket Problem) being created. 
Subjects are configured using the note types list in the General Configuration application List|Entries Page. For more information, refer to Configuring Lists.
You can associate this field entry as to the type of Taskname and Context ID being given.
For information on the Customer Popup option, refer to Creating a Customer Pop-Up Message.
Status You can select the note’s current status from this dropdown list (e.g. In Progress, Completed).
Due Date Specifies a due date for the note’s task.
If you enter a date/time in this field, the note displays on the creator’s My Notes|Home|Created by page in My AudienceView and on the My Notes|Home|Assigned to page for any other user that has been selected in the 'Owners' field. If assigned, this can include the creator.
A note will only appear on the My Notes|Home|Created by page and the My Notes|Home|Assigned to page if the note's due date is within the calendar's Duration Selector range. For more information, refer to My AudienceView My Notes.
Access Modes Specifies who can read and modify the note once created:
  • Private: Only the note’s creator and owner(s) (if any) can view and modify the note.
  • Public: Any user can view and modify the note.
  • Readable: Any user can view the note, but only its creator and owner(s) (if any) can modify it. This is the default mode if none is selected.
URL Enables you to attach a related web page. Enter the full URL in the field.
To view the related web page, click .
Taskname Assign a task name as a point of reference. This field can then be associated to the 'Note Type' and 'Context ID' fields, and then pulled from a BI query for reporting purposes.
The Taskname field does not appear on the My Notes|Notes page.
Start and End Dates The start and end dates are used to assign the start and end date for a task.
The 'Start' and 'End' date fields do not appear on the My Notes|Notes page.
Context ID Associates a task or context of the note (performance, benefit, user or others). Once you associate it to an item, the note is also added to the item. For example, if you select a performance, the application also attaches the note to the performance.
Not all of the items in the Context ID/Parent list have an interface to view notes. If you select one of these items, you will not be able to view the note on the associated item.
To choose a Context ID/Parent:
  • Click  next to the 'Context ID' or 'Parent' field. A dropdown list opens.
  • Select an option from the dropdown list. The associated Search window opens.
    For example, if you select Campaign, the Find Campaign dialog box displays.
  • Search for and select the record to which you want to apply the note.
  • Click 'Apply'. The selected record item appears in the 'Context ID' or 'Parent' field.
    The Context ID field does not appear on the My Notes|Notes page.
Message Enter the content of the note.
Owners Enables you to select the user(s) who will be responsible for carrying out or following up on the note. The note displays in the owner(s)’s My Notes|Home|Assigned to page (if there is a due date) or My Notes|Notes page (if there is no due date) in My AudienceView.
To assign one or more owners to the note, select one or more option from the Owners dropdown list by holding CTRL or SHIFT while making your selections.
File Attachments Attach files to the note. For more information, refer to Adding File Attachments to Notes.