AudienceView Connect

Adding Additional Search Fields

In a number of places throughout the application you can add additional fields by clicking or by pressing CTRL+TAB once you have made an entry in the field.

If you add extra fields on a search page, the search results will return records that match any of the additional search fields.

For example, if you want to create a search that returns all of the customers with the last name of Parsons or Clarke. You can enter Parsons in the 'Last Name' search field, press CTRL+TAB or click on  and enter Clarke in the new field. All customers with the last name Parsons or Clarke will be returned in your search.

On some search pages, after you perform a search, the search section, which contains all of the search fields, automatically minimizes. To expand this section of the page to view your search items or enter new ones, select the inverted arrow to the right of the section heading.

Button Description
Expand a section of a page.
Collapse a section of a page.