AudienceView Connect

Overview of Fortress

Integrating AudienceView with a third party access control system allows customers to buy admissions in AudienceView, but print and scan using the integrated system. AudienceView can be configured to send requests to print both passes and single tickets.


In AudienceView, passes can be associated with performances and/or bundles. Passes can be used to gain entry to these performances, whether on or off a bundle.

A customer may acquire a pass by buying a bundle (e.g. season ticket) if the bundle has an assigned pass configured. A pass could also be acquired by buying a miscellaneous item (e.g. membership) that has an assigned pass configured.

A customer’s pass must be kept up to date with his/her order transactions (purchases, returns, changes, etc.) in order to ensure that it allows access to the correct performances. This is achieved by sending updated information to the third party system whenever a pass is printed, re-printed, updated, or cancelled.

Printing a pass

When you print an order with a pass from AudienceView, a corresponding record is sent to the third party system and a card can be printed from one of its card printers.

Re-printing a pass

If a pass is re-printed, the existing pass is cancelled (no longer grants access to performances) and a new pass is printed in the third party system.

Updating a pass

When you add admissions to an existing pass, the record in the third party system is only updated when the order with the new admissions is printed from AudienceView. Once the order is printed, the updated information is sent to the third party system and the pass becomes valid for entry to the performances.

Cancelling a pass

When you cancel or remove admissions from a pass in AudienceView, the corresponding records in the third party system are updated and the pass is no longer valid for entry to those performances.

Single Tickets

In the context of printing to a third party system, single tickets are admissions to performances that are not included on a pass card. Instead, paper tickets with barcodes are printed, one per admission, to give the customer access to the associated performance. In AudienceView, these performances have a ticket template assigned instead of an eligible pass.

Printing single tickets

Depending on the third party system that you are interfacing with, that system might print the tickets themselves or send a barcode back to AudienceView that can be printed on the AudienceView tickets, thereby allowing the third party system to scan them for entry.

Third party systems cannot recognize or validate AudienceView-generated bar codes or ticket numbers. Barcodes and ticket numbers are two separate entities. Barcodes can be printed on tickets and scanned to allow entry. Ticket numbers are the numeric values that uniquely identify the ticket for that performance.

Re-printing tickets

When you re-print a ticket from AudienceView to a third party system, the existing barcode and/or ticket number is cancelled (no longer grants access to the performance) and a new barcode and/or ticket number is generated.

Cancelling tickets

When you cancel a ticket in AudienceView, the corresponding record in the third party system is updated and the previously generated barcode and/or ticket number becomes invalid for entry to the performance.