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Multi-Language List Configuration

If you are using languages other than English and French for your multi-language installation of AudienceView, you must add the desired language to the language list.

To configure the language list for a multi-language installation of AudienceView, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to the AudienceView > Setup > Preloads folder.
  2. Open the lists.xml file in a text editor.
  3. Press CTRL+F and search for <name>language</name>
    This is the language list found in the General Configuration application Lists pages. By default, the language list contains English and French.
    				<value translate="yes">English</value>
    				<value translate="yes">French</value>
  4. If French is not one of the desired languages, replace FR with the appropriate abbreviation (e.g. SP for Spanish), and replace French with the desired language.
    Do not overwrite the EN/English language setting.
  5. If French is one of the desired languages, highlight a pair (everything from <pair> to </pair>) and press CTRL+C.
  6. Place the cursor after the last pair and press CTRL+V.
  7. Replace the language abbreviation in the pasted pair with the appropriate abbreviation (e.g. SP for Spanish).
  8. Replace the language with the appropriate language.
  9. Save the file.