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Areas Impacted by Encryption

Anything that interacts with the application business layer will be affected by encryption and will need to supply the master passwords. Tools shipped by the system that this will impact include:

  • Data Loader: Will have support for initializing secure authentications with the system. From the command line, the master passwords will be arguments. From the UI, they will be supplied as masked input fields.
  • Encryption Tool: Encryption will have fields for master key passwords and the string to encrypt.
  • Payment Processor: Will have support for master key passwords on command line.
  • Schedule Report Tool: Will have support for master key passwords on command line.

Additional impacts when using column level encryption include:

  • IIS 7 (Windows 2008) application memory pools have automatic recycling capabilities. These features are on by default and will restart processes under various conditions.
    If encryption is enabled, this behavior must be disabled or the application will be unavailable on that server until such time as manual intervention happens.
  • Columns to be encrypted (other than previously mentioned) must be converted to varchars with sufficient length to store an encrypted and encoded string. As a note, this is already done in the core product for credit cards and expiry dates.
  • If new keys are required, the application will need to be taken offline and the existing data will need to be re-encrypted with the new keys. Currently, this function will need to be done with the support of AudienceView staff.