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AudienceView 6.3.7 HotFix 8 Release Notes

Release Date: May 23, 2014

AudienceView 6.3.7 HotFix 8 MD5 Hash

The MD5 hash value can be used to verify that the correct package has been downloaded/installed.

  • AudienceView 6.3.7 HotFix 8 MD5 Hash: 0f869a579851acc117ade7ad9d4210dc

WebAPI Fixes

Issue Solution ID
Backport all of the WebAPI fixes from AVD-1720. The following fixes have been applied to 6.3.7 HotFix 8.
  • AVD-1104: Empty strings are returned as an empty array in JSON.
    An empty multi now return as an empty string. The following syntax should be used:
    • Non-multi, has a value: NAME:"VALUE"
    • Non-multi, null/empty: NAME:" "
    • Multi, null/empty: NAME:[ ]
    • Multi, single value: NAME:["VALUE"]
    • Multi, multiple values: NAME:["VALUE_1", "VALUE_2"]
  • AVD-1206: An invalid BO handle will fall through to the default/unknown exception response (WebAPI result code 6). This deserves a dedicated result code and message.
    Status code 33 has been added to identify a business object that does not have a handle in the cache.
  • AVD-1217: The error JSON response is inconsistent between the Java and ASP versions of the WebAPI. For example, the Java version outputs Error level whereas the ASP version outputs error.
    The error JSON response is now consistent between the Java and ASP versions of the WebAPI.
  • AVD-1218: In the ASP WebAPI, it is possible to GET the primitive value, but not its DETAILS.
    The node search method for DETAILS differed from that used for GET.
    DETAILS has been updated to utilize TSbusinessNode::findInTree(context) so that it is consistent with the other WebAPI GET and SET implementations.
  • AVD-1224/AVD-3977: The WARNING parameter does not suppress messages in ASP.
    The WARNING parameter has been renamed ACCEPTWARNING, and messages are being surpressed as expected.
  • AVD-1300: The COM implementation is corrupting the api.asp result because the BSTR constructed and passed to the ASP is relying on a temporary variable that is freed mid-stream.
    The BSTR construction and handover to ASP has been corrected.
  • AVD-1453: Site should be optional.
    Site is no longer required when initializing the site.
  • AVD-1460: When requesting WebAPI/session?DETAILS=Printers, an error occurs even though Printers is a valid node.
    The auditHistory parameter value has been added to toXML and toJSON node method invocations. It is now possible to request WebAPI/session?DETAILS=Printers.
    The ticket stock values in the stock list cannot contain any spaces in either the 'Key' or 'Entries' fields. This will be corrected in a future release (AVD-1108).
  • AVD-1461: The work message is in an inconsistent location between the Java and ASP versions. In ASP, the work message is under the data object; however, in Java, the message is not under the data object.
    The JSON WebAPI response incorrectly assumed that a data element always followed the result. It is now conditional.
  • AVD-1462: Exception details are not being returned.
    The exception details are now being returned.
  • AVD-1718: The article 'Page Size' overrides the user entered 'Page Size', and the TScontentBO pagination overrides the user entered 'Page Size' by always resetting to the Registry default when a search is executed.
    If a 'Page Size' has been defined in a WebAPI call, it will override tghe 'Page Size' setting in the article/Registry.