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Example Pivot Extract -- Customers with Same Last Name in Same City

In this example, we want to create a Customer query that will provide totals of all of the customers with the same last name living in the same city.

By adding the result members Customer Number, Default First Name, Default Last Name and Default Address City, the following image illustrates the preview of the resulting data:

Here is how the BI query is configured:

Name Srt/Grp/Tot Function Heading Display Type Order
Default First Name

Vertical 1
Default Address City Ascending Grouped

Vertical 2
Default Last Name

Horizontal 3
Customer Number Sub and Side Totals Count
Data 4

Based on this customer data and the BI query illustrated, the following image illustrates the query results:

Changing the BI query slightly to remove the customer’s first name and group by the customer’s last name (rather than city), produced the following results: