AudienceView Connect

Creating a Blacklist Item

Although payment processors used for making payments will decline or accept payment as needed, your organization can choose to deny specific cards when making a payment. This enables you to create a list of numbers against a selected payment type (e.g. credit cards, gift certificates, in-house payment types) that are flagged as unacceptable for payments.

For example, you can block a specific card numbers that relate directly to a specific credit card used by a scalper. Should a ticket seller receive a credit card or should an online user attempt to use a credit card that has been included on your blacklist, AudienceView will display a notification defined by your organization.

To create a blacklist item, complete the following:

  1. Open the General Configuration application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Payment Methods tab.
    The Payment Methods|Search page appears.
  3. Search for and select the payment method that you want to blacklist card numbers from. For more information, refer to General Configuration Payment Methods|Search Page and Performing Searches.
    The Payment Methods|Basic page appears.
  4. Select the Blacklist tab.
    The Payment Methods|Blacklist page appears.
  5. Click 'New Entry'.
    A blank entry record displays.
  6. Enter the card number that you want to blacklist in the 'Card Number' field.
  7. Enter the message that will display if a payment is made with the blacklisted payment type in the 'Reason Message' field.
    The message will be displayed to users whenever this card is used, including Online.
  8. To blacklist additional items, repeat the process from Step 5.
  9. Click 'Apply'.
    A window confirms that the application updated the payment method.
  10. Click 'OK'.