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Miscellaneous Item Image Guidelines

Miscellaneous items allow you to promote and sell merchandise, memberships, passes and any other non-event related items. There is no limit on the number of items that can be listed.

Multiple images can be used when promoting miscellaneous items. Each item can include:

The images can be changed at any time. The 'Name', 'Short Description' and 'URL' associated with each miscellaneous item are configured using the Product Configuration application Miscellaneous Items|Details page. For more information, refer to Product Configuration - Miscellaneous Items.

The following image illustrates how the thumbnail images and small image appear on the miscItemDetail.asp page:

The small image changes as the user hovers over each thumbnail image.

The large image displays when the user clicks on the small image. A standard image size of 558px by 558px will automatically scale to fit all three of the sections.


For information regarding the configurable labels available, refer to miscItemDetail.asp.