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Header Logo Image Guidelines

The header is configured as part of the Banner article that appears at the top of the AudienceView Online pages. A logo image can be displayed on the left-hand side of the header, and text can be added in this section. The My Order section is fixed at the very top of the page on one line. This means that My Order will always be visible at the top of the page even when scrolling to the bottom of the page. 


It suggested that a hex value colour be defined for the header area. Loading large images can cause the application to lag. By selecting a colour that corresponds with the image being used, some effects can be applied to reduce the image size while maintaining the desired aesthetics.

The header logo images should comply with the following specifications:

  • Logo Image Name:
  • Logo Image Format: .JPG, .GIF or .PNG
  • Logo Image Dimensions: 175px wide by 125px high
  • Logo Image KB size: 25 KB (approximately)