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The mapSelect.asp page enables customers to select seats directly from the venue’s detailed image. For more information on enabling customers to select their own seats, refer to Enabling Pick-a-Seat Sales in AudienceView Online.

You can customize the field labels and buttons within the mapSelect.asp page, using the following Registry application Registry::EN nodes and keys:

Node Key Default Label
Application::Online Max Caps Note *Note: The "Max" values shown above do not reflect your past purchases. In some cases your past purchases may count towards the maximum number of tickets you are allowed.
Application::Online::Messages Not Authorized The page you have requested is not available at this time.
Application::Online::Messages Performance Not Yet On Sale This performance will be available for sale on
Application::Online::Messages Performance Off Cal This performance is not available for sale.
Application::Online::Messages Performance Off Sale This performance is no longer available for sale.
Application::Online::Messages Performance Required You must have a valid performance selected.
Application::Online::Messages Performance Sold Out There are no available seats for the selected performance.
Application::Online::Navigation Back Back
Application::Online::Navigation Best Available Tab Best Seat Available
Application::Online::Navigation Map Select Tab Select Your Own Seats
Application::Online::Pick a Seat Area change warning Changing your area or viewing the full map will result in your selections being lost. To retain your selections please add to order.
Application::Online::Pick a Seat AvailableSeat Available
Application::Online::Pick a Seat ContinueLabel Add to Order
Application::Online::Pick a Seat ExcellentColour #C0FFC0
Application::Online::Pick a Seat GoodColour #C0FFFF
Application::Online::Pick a Seat LimitedColour #FFFFC0
Application::Online::Pick a Seat MapButtonText Full Map
Application::Online::Pick a Seat Non-SVG message It looks like you are using a browser that does not support SVG. We use SVG to display our interactive seat map which allows you to select your own seat. Please consider upgrading your browser to take advantage of this functionality. In the meantime you can use the best available option to purchase your tickets.
Application::Online::Pick a Seat PriceZoneLabel Pricing
Application::Online::Pick a Seat ScreenExcellent Excellent
Application::Online::Pick a Seat ScreenGood Good
Application::Online::Pick a Seat ScreenHelp Click on the desired area below to select your seats.
Application::Online::Pick a Seat ScreenLimited Limited
Application::Online::Pick a Seat ScreenSoldOut Sold Out
Application::Online::Pick a Seat ScreenText Select Area
Application::Online::Pick a Seat SelectedSeat Selected
Application::Online::Pick a Seat SelectionLabel Your Selections
Application::Online::Pick a Seat SoldColour #FFC0C0
Application::Online::Pick a Seat SoldSeat Unavailable
Application::Online::Pick a Seat
Usability Message - Screen Size
You've chosen "Select Your Own Seats". With your screen size, "Best Seat Available" mode will make it easier to complete your order.
(This label/funtionality is only available as of AudienceView 6.8.4. When a performance has both Pick-a-Seat and Best Available enabled, and users are using smaller devices, the Best Available tab will be the default. This message appears if users select Pick-a-Seat.)
Application::Online::Search Upsell Popup Title Interested in Upgrading?
Application::Online::Seats Fee Message 1 *prices are subject to per ticket fees
Application::Online::Seats Fee Message 2 Your order may be subject to transaction and/or delivery fees
Application::Online::Seats Fee Message 3 More information about our fees
Application::Online::Seats Fee Message 4 We charge fees to facilitate the processing of credit and debit card payments and to cover the administration costs and overheads associated with each ticket sale
Application::Online::Seats Fee Message 5 Order or Delivery Fees May Apply
Application::Online::Seats Get Seats Title Get Seats!
Application::Online::Seats Look for other events Look for other events
Application::Online::Seats More Information More Information
Application::Online::Seats Seat Selection Please Select Your Seats

The following .INC file labels also appear on this page: