AudienceView Connect

The file is used to define the labels commonly appear throughout the purchase flow. You can customize the field labels and buttons within the AudienceView file using the following Registry application Registry::EN nodes and keys:

Node Key Default Label
Application::Online::Availability Thresholds avail_excellent Excellent
Application::Online::Availability Thresholds avail_good Good
Application::Online::Availability Thresholds avail_limited Limited
Application::Online::Availability Thresholds avail_sold_out Sold Out
Application::Online::Availability Thresholds Availability Availability
Application::Online::Messages Active Promotions Active promotions:
Application::Online Mobile Redirection Regular Expression (android|blackberry|ipad|iphone|ipod|iemobile|opera mobile|palmos|symbian|webos)
Application::Online::Performances Date Date
Application::Online::Performances Next Next Results
Application::Online::Performances No Shows We're sorry, there are no performances matching your search.
Application::Online::Performances On Sale On sale
Application::Online::Performances Performances Events
Application::Online::Performances Previous Previous Results
Application::Online::Performances Sold Out Sold Out!
Application::Online::Performances To Be Determined TBD
Application::Online::Performances Unavailable Unavailable
Application::Online Promo Code Item Title This item is available with a promocode
Application::Online::Search AddOn Bundle Select
Application::Online::Search AddOn Gift Select
Application::Online::Search AddOn Item Select
Application::Online::Search AddOn Seats Select
Application::Online::Search AddOn Stored Value Item Select
Application::Online::Search Buy Bundle Buy
Application::Online::Search Buy Gift Donate
Application::Online::Search Buy Item Buy
Application::Online::Search Buy Seats Buy
Online::Search Buy Stored Value Item Buy
Application::Online::Search Clear Category Filter Clear Category Filter
Application::Online::Search Clear City Filter Clear City Filter
Application::Online::Search Clear Month Filter Clear Month Filter
Application::Online::Search Clear Object Type Filter Clear Type Filter
Application::Online::Search Clear Venue Filter Clear Venue Filter
Application::Online::Search Price Price
Application::Online::Search Upgrade Bundle Upgrade
Application::Online::Search Upgrade Gift Upgrade
Application::Online::Search Upgrade Item Upgrade
Application::Online::Search Upgrade Seats Upgrade
Application::Online::Search Upgrade Stored Value Item Upgrade
Application::Online::Search Upsell Popup Title Interested in Upgrading?
Application::Online::Search View Article View