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The maintainAccount.asp enables logged on customers to maintain their account details.

For more information, refer to maintainContacts.asp and maintainAddresses.asp.

You can customize the field labels and buttons within the maintainAccount.asp page, using the following Registry application Registry::EN nodes and keys:

Node Key Default Label
Application::Online::Accounts::Actions Details Details
Application::Online::Accounts::Actions View All View All
Application::Online::Accounts::Actions View Message View Message
Application::Online::Accounts Also Recommended We Also Recommend:
Application::Online::Accounts::Browser Titles Account Home Account Home
Application::Online::Accounts::Fields Information Information
Application::Online::Accounts::Section Titles Account Home Account Home
Application::Online::Accounts::Section Titles Message Centre Message Centre
Application::Online::Accounts::Section Titles Recent Transactions Recent Transactions
Application::Online::Accounts::Section Titles Upcoming Events Upcoming Events
Application::Online::Accounts Upcoming Events Limiter 30
(This value is days from the current date. If you do not want to display any upcoming events, enter a 0 in the field.)
Application::Online::Messages No Events You currently have no upcoming events.
Application::Online::Messages No New Messages You currently have no new messages.
Application::Online::Messages No Orders You currently have no orders.

The following .INC file labels also appear on this page:

To change labels in other parts of My Account, refer to the following sections: