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Customizing Fields within a Business Object or Collection Object

Some fields used by Access Control are configured within the Business Object or Collection Object. Such fields are potentially used by other areas of the application. There are two ways you can customize these fields:

  • Customize the fields within the Registry.
    Modifications made to the Business Objects and Collection Objects in the Registry will impact all areas of the application that use the field.
  • Customize the fields within Application Security.
    Modifications made in the Application Security application enable you make customizations for specific users (Users|Attributes page) or groups (Groups|Attributes page). The table below describes the path to the node within the Registry. To locate the node in Application Security, find the corresponding Business Object or Collection Object and typically the node name reflects the same structure from the Registry. For example, TSticketBO::Customer::Customer Class would be Customer Customer Class under the TSticketBO property.

You can also change the interaction of these fields, for example set a default value, make it readable, and so on.

Not all of the fields listed below are exposed in Application Security.

The following table lists the relevant fields used by Access Control.

Field Node Name Default Label Affected Pages
TSticketBO::Customer::Customer Class customer_class Customer Class scan.asp
TSticketBO::Customer::Customer Number customer_number Customer Number scan.asp
TSticketBO::Customer::Customer Owner customer_owner Customer Owner scan.asp
TSticketBO::Customer::Customer Type customer_type Customer Type scan.asp
TSticketBO::Customer::Organization Name organization_name Organization Name scan.asp
TSticketBO::Customer::Organization Type organization_type Organization Type scan.asp
TSticketBO::Options::Direction direction Direction configuration.asp
TSticketBO::Options::Gate gate_id Gate configuration.asp
TSticketBO::Options::Performance(s) performance_ids Performance(s) configuration.asp
TSticketBO::Order::Order Number order_number Order Number scan.asp
TSticketBO::Order::Amount Due due Amount Due scan.asp
TSticketBO::Seat::Entrance entrance Entrance scan.asp
TSticketBO::Seat::Seat seat Seat scan.asp
TSticketCO::Query::Clause::Performance Code performance_ name Performance Code report.asp
TSticketCO::Query::Gate Name gate_name Gate Name report.asp