AudienceView Connect

Configuring Access Control User Permissions

The following permissions can be set using the Application Security application's User|Permissions and Group|Permissions pages. For more information, refer to Configuring User Permissions and Configuring Group Permissions.

Permission Description Required
TSperformanceCO::search Enables users to search for relevant performances using the performances.asp page. No
TSticketBO::mark Enables users to scan tickets (scan.asp) and update the ticket’s status. Yes
TSticketBO::initialize Enables ticket scanners to mark a ticket as used. Yes
TSticketCO::search Enables users to use Access Control’s reporting. No

If you give users/groups access to other areas of the AudienceView Desktop, they will not be able to access them from their scanners/mobile devices.

For more information regarding Access Control's .asp pages, refer to Access Control Guide.