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Adding Miscellaneous Items to Orders in a Batch

A miscellaneous item is a flat-rate item that can be added to an order (e.g. a parking pass or dinner deal). In addition, entitlements (memberships and passes) can be earned with the purchase of a miscellaneous item.

You can use the Utilities application to add miscellaneous items to a batch of orders if your role has access to the miscellaneous item.

Before You Begin

Before you begin this procedure, ensure that you have created the miscellaneous items that you want to add to the orders.
For more information, refer to the Product Configuration - Miscellaneous Items.

Adding Miscellaneous Items to Orders in a Batch

To add miscellaneous items to orders in a batch, complete the following:

  1. Open the Utilities application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Orders tab.
    The Orders|Query Select page appears.
  3. Select General Order Update from the Order Update section.
    The query opens in the Orders|Order Update page.
  4. Search for the orders that you want to work with.
    The select orders section appears.
  5. To update only selected orders, in the select orders section, select the check box next to each order that you want to update.
    Click 'Select All' to select all of the orders on the current page. This will not select orders on other pages. If you want to update all of the search results, you can choose 'Update All' at the end of this procedure.
  6. To add miscellaneous items to the selected orders, enter the number of charges you want to add in the field next to the 'Add Charges' button.
  7. Click 'Add Misc. Item'.
    The Find Miscellaneous Items dialog box appears.
  8. Search for and select the appropriate item. For more information, refer to The Find Miscellaneous Items Dialog Box.
    The item is added.
  9. If desired, enter a comment in the 'Comment' field.
  10. If you require a different quantity for the selected miscellaneous item, enter it in the 'Quantity' field.
  11. If required and you have the permission to do so, update the dollar value per item in the 'Amount' field. You can click 'Update Details' to view the updated total amount to be charged.
  12. To add additional items, repeat the process from Step 6.
  13. Choose an option:
    If Then
    you selected specific orders to update, click 'Update Selected'.
    you want to update all orders returned in your search results (including results found on multiple pages) click 'Update All'.

    The batch results section appears indicating the progress of the batch. When completed, Batch Run Completed! appears.