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Notes About Entering Ticket Numbers

Tickets numbers are entered into a text box. When entering ticket numbers, the following rules apply:

  • Each ticket number must be on its own line (e.g. if you are adding three tickets, you would enter three lines into the text box).
  • If a line contains more than just the ticket number, the ticket number must appear first in each line and the additional data must be separated from the ticket number by a delimiter such as a comma (,), semi-colon (;), colon (:), bar (|) or tab.
For example, if you are copying and pasting text from a CSV file that contains multiple columns of data, each line should represent a ticket and the first value in each line the ticket number. The application will add the value from the beginning of the line to the first delimiter, in this example a comma (,), and ignore the data after the delimiter.

Consider the following example file:


If this was pasted into the text box to add the ticket numbers, the application would insert four ticket numbers: 123456789001, 123456789002, 123456789003 and 123456789004.

  • If you attempt to add a ticket number that already exists, the application will prompt you with the duplicate number. You must remove the number from the text box before you can continue.