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AudienceView 6.3.4 New Features and Enhancements

Desktop Enhancements

Feature Description ID
The current placement of the email marketing Google Analytics parameters in the Registry does not allow you to easily to configure parameters on a message-by-message basis. This has been corrected in AudienceView 6.3.4.
If Google Analytics is configured for the Correspondence application, when a link being inserted into a message the link builder displays the 'Campaign', 'Content', 'Medium' and 'Source' fields appear.
The Registry application Registry::EN::Application::Online::Analytics::Email Tracking node has been removed.

Business Intelligence and Reports Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Improvements to the AV Transaction report The following improvements have been made to the AV Transaction report:
  1. The detailed break-out of the output tables for admissions have been removed in favour of summary information.
  2. A gross sales column has been added when there is a count for both the 'Transaction Date Range' and the 'Year-to-Date Range'.
  3. Miscellaneous items have been added to the report's output, including both miscellaneous items sale counts and gross sales for the 'Transaction Date Range' and the 'Year-to-Date Range'.
  4. All of the fields except the 'Transaction Date Format', 'Transaction From', 'Transaction To', 'Contract Start Date' and the 'Display Values' criteria have been moved to the advanced section.
  5. The 'Series', 'Price Types', 'User Roles' and 'User Role Groups' criteria have been altered so that they are exclusive instead of inclusive.
  6. The output identifies which criteria have been excluded from the report.
  7. An AVTiki Admissions row representing purchases from referrals from the AVTiki application has been added to the output.
  8. A 'Correspondence' section has been added to the output, displaying the total number of correspondences, the number of successful deliveries and the number of delivery failures.

Payment Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Enterprise clients need a way to manually purge cardholder data according to their organizations' retention period. This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.3.4.
The Encryption page has been added to the Registry application, allowing clients to define retention periods for encrypted cardholder data in the database.

Dataloader Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Conditionally create orders using the Dataloader. This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.3.4.
Logic has been implemented so that if an order does not currently exist in the database, one will be created. If the order does exists, it will be updated