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AudienceView 6.7.1 New Features and Enhancements

Point-of-Sale (POS) Interface

Feature Description ID
Implement a point-of-sale (POS) interface This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.7.1.
A POS system has been implemented allowing users to sell concessions and merchandise quickly and easily though a touchscreen-friendly interface. Cash or credit card payments can be accepted using existing AudienceView payment systems. The POS system can be deployed on a wide range of tablets, laptops and dedicated POS terminals.


Feature Description ID
Add 'Export' buttons to configurable items. This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.7.1.
'Export' buttons have been added to all configurable items within the system, allowing you to extract configurations from an older version of AudienceView and then import them to upgraded versions.
Improve the dataloader and XSL templates. This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.7.1.
The DataMonkey has been introduced to provide a high-performance import and export interface powered by a JavaScript engine.
The XSL Template pages in the General Configuration application has been renamed/updated to Script, allowing you to create any number of scripts that can be used to manipulate data.
The Script Definitions page has also been added to the General Configuration application, allowing you to define sources that will be used with the scripts.
Finally, the dataloader available in the Utilities application has been replaced with the Data Management.

Desktop Enhancements

Feature Description ID
AudienceView Desktop dashboards This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.7.1.
The AudienceView Desktop has been redesigned, and can display graphs, gauges and lists to give users an overall view of various aspects of their business. Four dashboards have been implemeted: Performance Sales, Overall Sales, Fundraising and Notes. Dashboards are configured through the Business Intelligence and Reports application. The dashboards are mobile responsive.

Online Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Google Tag Manager integration This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.7.1.
Google Tag Manager allows you to add marketing tracking to your websites, making it even easier to do very advanced tracking without advanced scripting.

Business Intelligence and Report Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Upgrade Fusion Charts used with AudienceView charting This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.7.1.
Fusion Charts (used with AudienceView charting) has bee upgraded to version the 3.3.1 Service Release.

Printing Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Local Printer Support This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.7.1.
AudienceView offers local printer support, allowing locally connected or networked printers to be used without requiring WAN network considerations. Supported printer protocols include BOCA (FGL2, FGL4) and PDF. Works on all modern browsers by way of a small Java Applet that automatically installs the first time it is used. This funtionality replaces the Auto-Print funtionality.

WebAPI Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Update WebAPI This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.7.1.
The WebAPI has been updated and hardened, providing the ultimate gateway to system integration and extension for licenced clients.

Payment Enhancements

Feature Description ID
RedCard Prompted Signature This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.7.1.
RedCard's Prompted Signature feature for card-present payments has been introduced. An on-screen message prompts sales staff to have customers sign for the purchase.

Performance Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Coordinated Universal Time from Database (UTC) This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.7.1.
Dates and times are now stored in UTC format. This allows database instances from different time-zones to run off of the same database server cluster.