AudienceView Connect

Bluefin (AudienceView 6.8.13)

To access the Bluefine payment gateway, navigate to the Registry application System::Configuration::Payment Gateways node.

When processing an order through the Bluefin gateway, the AudienceView order number is passed to the custom_id field. This field is available on transactions and in reports through the PayConex management portal.
Field Description
account_id The account ID provided by Bluefin.
If the 'account_id' is changed after you start processing payments, any payment methods saved against customers will need to be removed.
Do not refund payments that were made before the 'account_id' was changed.
account_name The account name provided by Bluefin.
api_access_key The API access key provided by Bluefin.
avs_disabled Default: No
Disable address verification:
  • Yes: Address verification is not used.
  • No: Address verification is used.
avs_results_accepted Enter DFJMQVXYURSEIG?
avs_results_rejected Enter LWZABOPKNC
cvv_results_accepted Enter MUP?
cvv_results_rejected Enter NS
library_path The absolute path to the respective AudienceView payment gateway DLL.
payconex_endpoint Enter
process_strategy Default: External
Identifies how the payment is to be processed:
  • External: Process payment external third party.
    This is the only valid option for this payment gateway.
  • Account: Process payments as an AudienceView internal account.
  • Gift Card: Process payment as an AudienceView gift certificate.
  • Gift Certificate: Process payment as an AudienceView gift certificate.
terminal_allocation Default: r
q (Queued): Requires AudienceView to queue the requests to the terminals.
r (Round Robin): Gateway can queue the requests on its terminals.
terminal_required Default: n
n: Does not require terminal at all.
Y: Does require a terminal
timeout Default: 60
TCP/IP timeout, in seconds.
tokenize_saved_payments Default: Yes
Tokenize payment methods saved against customer accounts and scheduled payments:
  • Yes: Saved payment methods are tokenized.
  • No: Saved payment methods are not tokenized