AudienceView Connect

CBORD (AudienceView 6.8.16)

To access the CBORD payment gateway (for universities that use stored value student cards), navigate to the Registry application System::Configuration::Payment Gateways node.

Field Description
Certificate The Base64-encoded PKCS12 certificate.
Certificate Password The PKCS12 certificate password.
CodeMap Default: Default Plan
  • Default Plan: Access the default search/specific balance (stored value or debit account).
  • Different Plan: Access a different earch/specific balance (charge account).
Location This value is used (set to 01) only if Odyssey is selected from the 'Server Type' dropdown.
Private Key Password The PKCS12 password for certificate's private key.
Provider Default: AudienceView
Server Type The type of the CBORD system to use:
  • CS Gold
  • Odyssey
Trust Certificates Base64-encoded PKCS12 Trust Certificates.
host The IP address of CBORD service
library_path Default: C:\AudienceView\PaymentGateways\CBORD\CBORD.dll
The absolute path to the respective AudienceView payment gateway DLL.
port The port of CBORD service.
Process_strategy Read-only: External
Payments are processed by an external third party.
Terminal Allocation This value is used (set to Queued) only if CS Gold is selected from the 'Server Type' dropdown.
Terminal Required If the 'Server Type' dropdown is set to:
  • CS Gold: Select All
  • Odyssey: Select No
Timeout Default: 60
TCP/IP timeout, in seconds.