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Configuring Kiosk Purchases

To enable kiosk users to purchase admissions to events using AudienceView Kiosk, you must associate the Kiosk role with the appropriate payment methods, delivery methods, and price charts.

If you define a default payment method or payment type for the Kiosk role, these will be the only payment methods and payment types available to your Kiosk users.

To enable users to make purchases using AudienceView Kiosk, complete the following:

  1. Define acceptable payment methods kiosk users can use for purchasing sale items.
    You can do this using the Roles allowed to accept payments property of the General Configuration application Payment Methods|Basic page, for every payment method you are making available to your kiosk users.
    For more information, refer to General Configuration - Payment Methods|Basic Page.
  2. Create a delivery method kiosk users can use to obtain their purchases and specify this as the default delivery method for the Kiosk role.
    You can create a delivery method using the General Configuration application Delivery Methods|Search page. You can define this as the default delivery method using the Kiosk role’s Application Security application Roles|Basic page.
    For more information, refer to Creating Kiosk-Specific Delivery Methods.
  3. Define applicable service charges for kiosk transactions.
    You can do this using the Product Configuration application Charges page, for every service charge to apply to kiosk transactions.
    For more information, refer to Configuring Charges.
  4. Specify the prices and price models kiosk users can use when purchasing admissions to available events.
    For more information, refer to Venue Configuration - Price Charts.
  5. Specify the printer to use when printing documents for your kiosk users.
    You can do this using the Registry application System::Configuration::Printers node.
    If you want to enable Kiosk printing at multiple Kiosks, refer to Configuring Multiple Kiosks for Printing.
  6. Add the Kiosk to the list of roles that can purchase producer events, series, or performances.
    You can do this using the performances’ Venue Configuration application Performances|Calendar page, the series’ Venue Configuration application Series|Calendar page, or the producer’s General Configuration application Producers|Basic page.
  7. Optionally, display the ticket charges with ticket prices next to the available price types (e.g. Price Type $50 ($45 ticket price + $5 charge)).
    For more information, refer to Displaying Ticket Charges with Ticket Prices in the Kiosk.

Customers can now use these options, when making purchases using AudienceView Kiosk.