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AudienceView Kiosk Configuration Guide

Kiosk Sales Groups, Roles and Users

AudienceView provides you with default groups, roles and users for kiosk sales. You can configure these using the Application Security application. The following table describes these defaults:

Type Name Description
Group Kiosk The group customers use to access AudienceView Kiosk.
The group’s default settings enable you to create and complete orders, maintain the user account and view the order history, ticket usage and entitlements.
Role Kiosk The role customers are assigned to when accessing AudienceView Kiosk. The role defines the default offer time-out period, invoice templates and kiosk preferences.
To enable kiosk users/customers to access performances, bundles and fundraising programs through online sales, you must assign the Kiosk role to them.
User Kiosk The user customers are assigned to when accessing AudienceView Kiosk.
By default, kiosk users/customers are assigned to the Kiosk role and the Kiosk group.

Kiosk Style Sheets

The fonts and colours used within AudienceView Kiosk, are defined within an external cascading style sheet, brand.css. This style sheet contains several style definitions that you can use to customize the appearance of AudienceView Kiosk.

For reference, styles are determined in the following order of priority

  1. Inline style sheets (inside the HTML element itself)
  2. Internal style sheet (inside the files <head> element)
  3. External style sheet (CSS)
  4. Browser default

The AudienceView Kiosk style sheet is included in the %AudienceView%\UI\Kiosk\ file.

For information on modifying the settings within the brand.css file, refer to Branding AudienceView Kiosk.

AudienceView Kiosk Pages

The AudienceView Kiosk Interface is comprised of ASP pages. The group of pages that your customers can view depend on the Kiosk content settings for the corresponding Kiosk group. You can configure these settings within the Kiosk group’s Kiosk content settings within the Application Security application Group|Content page. The Kiosk content settings you can configure include the following:

Setting Description Default
Keyword Search Enables Kiosk users to search for performances or series using keyword or number searches.
For more information, refer to Optimizing AudienceView Kiosk Search and selectShow.asp Page for the Kiosk.
Kiosk Pickup Enables Kiosk users to pickup pre-ordered admissions for current events.
For more information, refer to Kiosk Pickup ASP Pages.
Kiosk Tickets Enables Kiosk users to purchase admissions to current or upcoming events.
For more information, refer to Kiosk Order ASP Pages.


For an outline of the Kiosk Configuration Guide's content, refer to the Kiosk Configuration Guide - Content Map.