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Enabling Online Content in Application Security

Various aspect of AudienceView Online must be enabled via the Application Security application User|Content and Group|Content pages (though usually via the Group|Content page).

To enable AudienceView Online content, complete the following:

  1. Open the Application Security application from the AudienceView Desktop.
    The Group|Search page appears.
  2. Search for and select the WebSales or Anonymous WebSales group. For more information, refer to Application Security - Group|Search Page and Performing Searches.
    The Group|Basic page appears.
  3. Select the Content tab.
    The Group|Content page appears.
  4. Select the Online property.
  5. Select the Online content that you want to enable:
    • Add This: Enables the Add This functionality online
    • Add A Gift Recipient: Allows customers to create an account for a friend.
    • Analytics: Enables the Google Analytics feed for the web user
    • Customer Account Home: Allows access to the maintainAccount.asp page
    • Customer Account Information: Allows access to the accountInformation.asp page
    • Customer Addresses: Allows access to the addresses portion of the accountInformation.asp page
    • Customer Benefits: Allows access to the accountBenefits.asp page
    • Customer Change Password: Allows access to the Change Password functionality
    • Customer Check Card Balance: Allows access to the check card balance functionality on the maintainAccount.asp page
    • Customer Contacts: Allows access to the contacts section of the accountInformation.asp page
    • Customer Friends: Allows access to the accountFriends.asp page
    • Customer Marketing Data: Allows access to the marketing data functionality on the accountMarketing.asp page
    • Customer Memberships: Allows access to the accountMemberships.asp page
    • Customer Message List: Allows access to the accountMessageList.asp page
    • Customer Message View: Allows access to the accountMessageView.asp page (to view a message)
    • Customer Notifications: Enables customer notifications
    • Customer Offers: Allows access to the customerOffers.asp page
    • Customer Order History: Allows access to the listOrders.asp page
    • Customer Saved Payment: Allows customers to save payment methods to their accounts.
    • Customer Ticket History: Allows access to the ticketUsage.asp page
    • Customer Upcoming Events: Allows access to the accountEvents.asp page
    • Customer Value: Allows customers to view their membership rank, accrued points and their rank within the membership. Customer statistics must be enabled in the Desktop first. For more information, refer to Enabling Customer Statistics in the Desktop.
    • Customer Without Account: Allows customer to purchase tickets without creating an account
    • giftCertificates: Allows customer to view/purchase gift certificates and gift cards.
    • Gifts: Allows access to the donations.asp page
    • Google Tag Manager: Enables Google Tag Manager for the web user.
    • Lookup Address: Enables the Lookup Address functionality
    • Payment Plans: Enables the use of payment plans for the user
    • Promotion - Bundle Select: Enables selection of bundle using a promotion
    • Promotion - Default: Default usage for promotion
    • Promotion - Map Select: Enabling of map selection when using a promotion
    • Promotion - Seat Select: Allowing the selection of seats using promotions
    • Sale Dispatch: Allows access to the friendlyDispatch.asp page
      Selecting Sale Dispatch for Anonymous WebSales and WebSales will allow users to gift an order when they log in on the shopping cart.
      Selecting Sale Dispatch for WebSales only, will allow users who are already logged to gift an order before continuing from the shopping cart to the order.
    • Suggested Gifts: Enables the use of a suggested donation online
    • Ticket Reprint/Forwarding: Allows the user to reprint a ticket or forward it online
    • advancedBundles: Not currently in use.
    • bundleResult: Allows access to the bundleResult.asp page
    • bundleSelect: Allows access to the bundleSelect.asp page
    • bundleSelect Aisle Seats Checkbox: Allows access to the Aisle Seats check box on the bundleSelect.asp page
    • bundles: Allows access to the bundles.asp page
    • chooseLanguage: Allows access to the chooseLanguage.asp page
    • createAccount: Allows access to the createAccount.asp page
    • forgotPassword: Allows access to the forgotPassword.asp page
    • help: Allows access to the help.asp page
    • login: Allows access to the login.asp page
    • login Account Create: Allows the user access to the loginAccountCreate.asp page
    • login Account Login: Allows access to the loginAccountLogin.asp page
      This option should not be enabled for the WebSales group.
    • loginDelivery: Allows access to the loginDelivery.asp page
    • logout: Allows access to the logout.asp page
    • maintainAddress: Allows access to the maintainAddress.asp page
    • maintainContact: Allow access to the maintainContact.asp page
    • mapSelect: Allows access to the mapSelect.asp page
    • miscItemDetail: Allows access to the miscItemDetail.asp page
      To load miscellaneous items in AudienceView Online, the load action for the TSsalesBO property must also be enabled on the Application Security application User|Permissions or Groups|Permissions pages.
    • My Account Recommendations: Allows access to the 'Recommendations' functionality in the My Account pages
    • orderContact: Allows access to the orderContact.asp page
    • renewalNotes: Allows access to the renewalNotes.asp page
    • renewalPaymentPlan: Allows access to the renewalPaymentPlan.asp page
    • reservationConfirm: Allows access to the reservationConfirm.asp page, enabling reservations on the loginDelivery.asp page
    • seatResult: Allows access to the seatResult.asp page
    • seatSelect: Allows access to the seatSelect.asp page
    • seatSelect Aisle Seats Checkbox: Allows access to the 'Aisle Seats' check box on the seatSelect.asp page
    • seatSelect Selected Zone Color: Allows access to the 'Selected Zone Color' functionality on the seatSelect.asp page
    • Shipping Address: Allows Online users to select a different shipping address on the shoppingCart.asp page via the 'Shipping Address' dropdown
    • Shipping Contact: Allows Online users to select a different shipping contact on the shoppingCart.asp page via the 'Shipping Contact' dropdown
    • Shipping Email Address: Allows Online users to select a different email address to ship PDF tickets to on the shoppingCart.asp page via the 'Shipping Email Address' dropdown
    • shoppingCart: Allows access to the shoppingCart.asp page
    • shoppingCart Recommendations: Allows access to the 'Recommendations' functionality in the shoppingCart.asp page
    • showSeats: Allows access to the showSeats.asp page
    • tickets: Allows access to the default.asp page
    • tickets Availability: Allows access to the Availability functionality on the default.asp page
    • viewOrder: Allows access to the viewOrder.asp page
  6. Click 'Apply'.
    A window confirms the application updated the group.
  7. Click 'OK'.