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Registry Session Category

Whenever a user logs on to AudienceView, session variables are set based on the user’s current role. Session variables are available for Business Intelligence queries and for use within the Application Security application.

Session variables are listed below:

Session Variables    
Credit Card Failure Limit
Created On
Customer – Customer’s unique ID (GUID)
Default Delivery Method
Default Fund
Default Payment Method
Default Price Type
Email From Address
Email Template
End Date
Expire Timestamp
Failed Logon Count
First Name
Role Group
Hold Value
Invoice Template
Last Logon Attempt
Last Name
Logon Failure Limit
Mail Host
Middle Initial
Offer Timeout
Override Timeout
Payment Terminal
Remote Device
Role Data 1 - 8
Start Date
User Name
User Role – Role’s unique ID (GUID)
User Role Restricted Venues
User Role Warnings
User – User’s unique ID (GUID)
Correspondence Detail
Default Appeal
Promotion Code
Session Language