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Date and Time Format Settings


Changing the default date and time format globally through the Registry application Registry::EN::Primitives::TSdateTime node is not recommended as it can cause problems; however, date and time formats can be changed via individual Business Objects and Collection Objects.

You can customize the date and time formats in the listed pages, using the following Registry application Registry::EN nodes and keys:

AudienceView Page AudienceView Registry Location
default.asp / search widgets (AudienceView Online) Business Object::TScontentBO::Search Results::Start Date node's 'Subtype' dropdown.
Business Object::TScontentBO::Search Results::On Sale Date node's 'Subtype' dropdown.
  • AudienceView Online
    • seatSelect.asp
    • mapSelect.asp
    • seatResult.asp (new seats)
    • bundleSelect.asp
  • Customer Services application
    • Seats|Map page
    • Seats|Best Available page
    • Seats|Quick Sale page
    • Bundles|Details page
Business Object::TSmapBO::Performances::Start Date node's 'Subtype' dropdown.
  • AudienceView Online
    • shoppingCart.asp
    • viewOrder.asp
Business Object::TSorderBO::Admissions::Performance Date node's 'Subtype' dropdown.
  • AudienceView Online
    • bundleResult.asp
    • seatResult.asp (existing seats)
    • showSeats.asp
  • Customer Services application
    • Order|Summary page
    • Order|Seats page
    • Order|Bundles|Seats page
    • Invoice / Confirmation templates
Business Object::TSorderBO::Performance Details::Performance Start Time node's 'Subtype' dropdown.
Venue Configuration application Performances|Basic page Business Object::TSperformanceBO::Performance::Performance Start Time node's 'Subtype' dropdown.
  • Customer Services application
    • Seats|Search page
  • Venue Configuration application
    • Performances|Search page
    • Performance Management|Search page
  • Business Intelligence and Reports application
    • Business Intelligence Performances business objects
Collection Object::TSperformanceCO::Fields::Start Date node's 'Subtype' dropdown.
Customer Services application Order|Order History|Seats page Collection Object::TSorderAdmissionCO::Fields::Start Date node's 'Subtype' dropdown.
  • Customer Services application
    • Order|Search page (Default Order Search)
    • Customer|History|Orders page
Collection Object::TSorderCO::Fields::First Perf. Start Date node's 'Subtype' dropdown.
Customer Services application Customer|History|Performances page Collection Object::TSorderPerformanceCO::Fields::Start Date node's 'Subtype' dropdown.