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Configuring AVScheduler Service

Once you have saved a report, you can schedule the report to run at regular intervals. For example, you can schedule a report to run after business hours every day, and have it emailed to you for the beginning of the next business day. To use the scheduled report funtionality, you must first set-up the AVScheduler.

Before you begin, ensure that the:

  1. mailhost is configured on the server and that the mailhost server is in the global.asa. Hosted clients use (localhost)
    sumoSession.setMailHost( "localhost" );
  2. Sched user and group have the proper permissions/content configured.
    • To create the Sched group, save a copy of the Administrator group and remove all of the content except for System.
      For more information, refer to Application Security - Groups.

The following sections describe how to configure and test the AVScheduler: