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Configuring Currencies and Conversion Rates

The TScurrency, TSdateTime, TSduration, TSfixed and TSint primitives (Registry application Registry::EN::Primitive) can be configured with a display format. When a field is used for display purposes only (e.g. read-only fields, search results) the values are rendered using the defined display format.

In rare circumstances would the number and currency formats be altered; however, date/time formats might be updated more frequently and will most like differ per Registry if the system has been configured for multiple languages. For more information, refer to Defining the Default Date and Time Format.

The system currency is defined by the three character code defined in the Registry application System::Configuration::Currencies node 'Default Label' field. For numbers and currency, the separators defined in the format are treated as placeholders. For example, ¤#,##0.00 as the TScurrency format will return $1.000,00 for nl_NL and $1,000.00 for en_US, and £1,000.00 for en_GB. For more information, refer to Setting the Default Currency.

When creating orders and payments in the Customer Services application, most monetary amounts that users are allowed to enter can be entered in any currency that has been configured on your system.

  • You can add a payment in any currency that has been configured for your system. By default, all monetary values are presented in the system’s default currency.
  • When adding a payment in a different currency, you must enter the value preceded by one space and the currency code (e.g. 5.25 GBP; 16 USD).
  • The application converts payments to your system’s default currency based on the configured conversion rate.
Even if your system does not support foreign currencies, you must configure a default currency.

The following sections describe how to configure currencies and conversion rates: