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Making Charges Editable

The charges node structure allows you to make certain charge types editable on the Customer Services application Order|Other|Charges page while ensuring that other charge types remain read-only. For example, you can make a per-ticket service charge editable without making the tax editable.

It is not possible to define the behaviour of per-ticket charges differently than performance-level or order-level charges of the same charge type. If an additional per-ticket charge and an additional order-level charge both are configured as a Service Charge on the Product Configuration application Charges|Details page, you cannot make one editable and not the other. If you are not using the User Tax1 and User Tax2 options, you could give each charge a different type, which would allow you to configure the behaviour independently.

By default, the User Tax1 and User Tax2 options are disabled in the General Configuration application List|Entries page for the Service Charge Types list. To configure these options, they must first be enabled.

For information on configuring taxes and charges, refer to Product Configuration - Charges.

If you want to make a charge editable, complete the following:

  1. Open the Registry application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Navigate to the Registry::EN::Business Objects::TSorderBO node.
  3. Select Yes from the 'Writeable' dropdown of the applicable node(s) listed below:
    (includes per-ticket, performance-level and order-level charges)
    Delivery Bundle Miscellaneous Item
    Service Charges Performance Charges::Amount Delivery Charges::Amount Bundle Charges::Amount Miscellaneous Item Charges::Amount
    Tax Performance Taxes::Amount Delivery Taxes::Amount Bundle Taxes::Amount Miscellaneous Item Taxes::Amount
    Commission Performance Commissions::Amount Delivery Commissions::Amount Bundle Commissions::Amount Miscellaneous Item Commissions::Amount
    User Tax1 Performance User Charge 1::Amount Delivery User Charge 1::Amount Bundle User Charge 1::Amount Miscellaneous Item User Charge 1::Amount
    User Tax2 Performance User Charge 2::Amount Delivery User Charge 2::Amount Bundle User Charge 2::Amount Miscellaneous Item User Charge 2::Amount
  4. Click 'Apply'.
    A window confirms that the application updated the Registry.
  5. Click 'OK'.