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Configuring the Minimum Number of Memberships Displayed

The number of archived memberships and/or the minimum number of live (e.g. not archived) memberships that will display on the Customer Services application Customer|Basic are controlled in the Registry in the System::Application::Customer node 'Membership Display Minimum' field.

Any archived memberships above that threshold set in the 'Membership Display Minimum' field will not be displayed. 

For example, if the 'Membership Display Minimum' field is set to 3,  and the customer has 10 memberships and 4 are Archived, only 6 memberships will display (all of the Current, Expiring or Expired memberships).  If the customer has 4 memberships and all 4 are archived, only 3 will display.


It is strongly advise that a membership never be created without a 'Valid To Date'. This is the date that the membership is no longer visible on the Customer Services application Customer|Basic page.  It is not possible to reversion a membership and add 'End Date' (the last date for “sale”) or 'Valid To Date' (the last date is will be valid against each customer/usually duration).