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Creating a Mail Merge Template

Microsoft Word mail merge templates can be used with AudienceView’s Mail Merge plug-in to generate tax receipts and thank you letters for your donors, donor contacts and referral contacts.

Before You Begin

Before you create Microsoft Word mail merge templates, ensure you have installed AudienceView’s Mail Merge plug-in on the application server and you know the install location. For more information, refer to Installing the Mail Merge Plug-In. The default install location is C:\AudienceView\Mail Merge Templates.

Creating a Mail Merge Template Using Microsoft Word

To create a mail merge document in various versions of Microsoft Word, refer to the following:

Save the template to C:\AudienceView\Mail Merge Templates folder (by deafult) on the application server. Do not use spaces in your template file name. Use underscores (_) instead.

Once you have completed your document, add the file name to the appropriate list. For more information, refer to Configuring Mail Merge Templates.

There are two exmaple .CSV files in the C:\AudienceView\Mail Merge Templates folder (by default):
  • TaxReceiptExample.csv: Used for tax receipt templates
  • ThankYouLetterExample.csv: Used for thank you letter templates

    Microsoft Word uses the .CSV file to enable you to insert merge fields.

    For information about extracting tax receipt and tahnk you letter information, refer to Handling Pledges in a Batch.