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Configuring a Default Tax Receipt Template

Tax receipts can be generated in a batch using the Utilities application or order by order in the Customer Services application. This receipt can be a tax receipt alone or a combined tax receipt and thank you letter.

You can set the default tax receipt template using either the Registry or the Application Security. Setting the default in the Registry will apply to all users unless set at the group or user level in Application Security. If you will be allowing donors to donate online, you must set the default template for the WebSales group.

Before you begin, ensure you have created the applicable template and added it to the Registry. For more information, refer to Creating a Mail Merge Template and Configuring Mail Merge Templates.

You can use attributes to configure a different tax receipt template for particular groups or users.
For more information, refer to Application Security Users and Application Security Groups.

To set the default tax receipt template in the Registry, complete the following:

  1. Open the Registry from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Naivgate to the Registry::EN::Business Objects::Collection Objects::TSGiftCO::Fields node to view all of the available fields that can be added to the tax receipt and thank you letter templates.Select the default tax receipt template from the 'Default Value' dropdown list.
  3. Click 'Apply'.
  4. Check for the fields which you would like to add or update within the template you have chosen.
  5. Click on one of the desired fields (e.g. 'Donor Receipt Contact First Name'), and the associated node page appears. The 'Node Name' that is listed within this page should be entered in the exact same way as the field name within the template.
  6. Complete and save the updated field names within the same Mail Merge folder they are located in.
    In AudienceView 6.8, the field names within the templates need to be adjusted. Note, however, that even the adjusted field names below are apt to change as the program is continually being upgraded, and thus, it is important to know how to find the correct field names through following the correct steps listed above.

    Below is a table that contains the original field names along with the adjusted field names that can be found within both the tax receipt and thank you letter templates. These fields must all be changed to ensure it can be extracted and run:

    Original/Incorrect Field Name Adjusted/Correct Field Name
    <<receipt_address_city>> <<city>>
    <<receipt_address_state>> <<state>>
    <<receipt_address_zip>> <<address_data1>>
    <<receipt_address_country>> <<country>>
    <<Receipt_Number>> <<tax_receipt_number>>
    <<receipt_amount>> <<transactionamount>>
    <<receipt_amount_currency>> <<receiptable_amount>>

The fields should now be correct and you have now successfully configured the setup of a tax receipt template. The templates should now run, allowing you to extract and print as many thank you letters/tax receipts as you would like.