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The TScontentBO 'Actions' only relate to the pages and actions which a user can do online, not in the AudienceView Desktop application.

The following table outlines all of the TScontentBO subsystem 'Actions' that are available on the Application Security application Users|Permissions and Groups|Permissions pages:

Actions Description Relevant Online Page
getArticleBody Select article body.  
getPage Gets specific page from search results.  
getRecommendations Returns feature articles by keyword.  
loadAll N/A N/A
loadArticle Load the details of an existing article.  
loadSite Load the details of an existing site.  
nextPage Allows you to move to the next page.  
prevPage Allows you to search for the previous page.  
saveCustomerForm Allows you to save a customer form.  
saveForm Allows you to save a form.  
search Executes an online performance search, this is word based.  
searchPerformanceDays Allows you to click on a calendar day from the calendar widget.  
updateSiteBranding Allows you to update site branding.