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Configuring Promotions


Promotion offer a means to present customers, employees or partners with free or discounted performances or other incentives. Many organizations offer discounts or incentives that are unlocked once customers provide a promotion access code. AudienceView also enables you to unlock those deals or incentives automatically by enabling customers to be assigned promotions (e.g. you could use this method to give exclusive deals to members). Entering a promotion access code that is associated with an item enhances and expands the search and returns items that otherwise would not be visible.

Promotions can be added to a customer account or to an order ad hoc as a benefit or through a membership. Multiple promotions can be applied at one time.

  • Promotion Codes: Promotion codes are associated to customers enabling the exposure of promotions automatically. For example, offering members-only performances or exclusive members-only pricing. Once the member is associated to an order, the promotion is automatically available.
  • Promotion Access Codes: Promotion access codes are manually entered on an order to expose the associated promotion.

Promotions can be purchased and applied in real time. If a membership is added to an order, any of the related benefits automatically become available to the customer/order. If the membership is removed before the sale has been completed then any of the items tied to the membership through promotions cannot be purchased. In the same way, adding a customer who has promotional benefits to an order will automatically unlock the appropriate benefits. Promotions associated with an online customer will automatically be enabled when the customer logs in.

Promotions can be applied to enable access to the following items:

  • Articles
  • Bundles
  • Gifts/donations (e.g. a promotion can be set up so that should a customer donate $X it would unlock a promotion giving the customer access to other things like discounts).
  • Hold Types
  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Performances
  • Price Charts
  • Store Value Items

Once applied to an item, promotions can be used in various ways:

  • To provide a way to discount admission prices for a specific price type.
  • To enable access to performances or admission pricing to only those customers who know the promotion access code or hold a benefit which carries the associated promotion.
  • To enable access to miscellaneous items to only those customers who hold a benefit or who know the promotion access code.
  • To enable access to seating to only those customers who hold a benefit or who know the promotion access code.
  • To enable access to delivery methods on an order that would not normally be available.
  • To restrict access to payment methods on an order so that specific payment methods must be used (e.g. a pre-sale only available to AMEX cardholders).

Promotions can also be used to expose delivery and payment methods that would not normally be available to customers. These delivery and payment methods are defined during the promotion's creation.

The following sections describe how to configure promotions: