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Accepting an Online Reservation

Once customers have created reservations they can accept/decline them from the My Account page.

To accept an Online reservation, customers must complete the following:

  1. Navigate to the My Accounts page.
  2. Click Offers.
    The Offers (customerOffers.asp) page appears.
  3. Select the offer(s)/reservation(s) by clicking the check box(es).
  4. Click 'Add to Order'.
    The shopping cart appears.
  5. Click 'Continue'.
    The Delivery Method (loginDelivery.asp) page appears. The Reserve option is no longer available.
  6. Select the delivery method you want to use.
  7. Click 'Continue'.
    The Billing Info (orderContact.asp) page appears.
  8. Verify that the contact, address and delivery method information is correct.
  9. Select a payment method from the 'Payment Method' dropdown.
  10. Complete the appropriate information for the selected payment method.
  11. Click 'Buy'.
    A window confirms that the application created the order.
  12. Click 'OK'.
    If necessary, you can download your tickets/print a copy of the invoice.