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The Benefits of Google Tag Manager

There is a really obvious business benefit to using Google Tag Manager. Once you have ownership of the deployment of tags you can deploy them as and when you need them, there is no monetary cost involved and you are not waiting on anyone to customize your online to deploy a tag. You can think of Google Tag Manager as covering off the deployment of marketing conversion tracking tags for your organization — problem solved.

If you dig under the surface a little more, you will discover some additional incredibly powerful features that can help you take control of your web analytics and marketing strategy. We can describe those features as providing the following benefits.

Targeting Behaviour of Interest to You

Let’s say that you are really interested in finding out how often certain behaviour is occurring on your AudienceView website, but our Google Analytics implementation does not capture that behaviour. You can use Google Tag Manager to create triggers to fire on that behaviour, capture the data and present that data into Google Analytics. You might choose to target specific behaviour just to measure how often it occurs or its effect on conversion or you might choose to create segments based on this behaviour within Google Analytics for re-marketing purposes with Google AdWords.

Configuring the Service for Your Environment

Generally, when you implement a tag like Google Analytics tracking that tag will accept some configuration parameters that enable you to configure the tag for your web environment. For example, you might provide some configuration to ask Google to treat visits to your main brochure website and to your AudienceView website as the same visit (known as cross-domain link tracking or sub-domain link tracking depending on the configuration). Through the Google Tag Manager interface you can configure the tag specific to your environment.

Capturing Data of Interest to You

Since Google Tag Manager allows you to capture data from the webpage you can use Google Tag Manager to add data to your connected analytics services. Let’s say you want to understand what visitors are searching for on your website. You can use Google Tag Manager to capture visitors input and push this data into your connect analytics services like Google Analytics.

Connection to Other Services

Google Tag Manager allows you to connect to other marketing or analytics services through the deployment of tags. You might be interested in running an Adwords re-marketing campaign — you can deploy Adwords or ad-roll re-marketing through Google Tag Manager. You might also be interested in using a different analytics service (other than Google Analytics). You can use Google Tag Manager to connect to those services through the deployment of tags.

Those are some pretty amazing benefits and we will provide some more specific examples in our use cases.