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Google Tag Manager Configuration Guide

Hello, and Welcome to AudienceView’s Google Tag Manager Configuration Guide. This guide will help you to understand some of the key concepts of Google Tag Manager, and will provide some example use cases for deploying tags. Along the way we will review best practices and provide some guidance on troubleshooting.

If you already know Google Tag Manager reasonably well you may want to head straight to the Technical documentation which describes the supporting dataLayer implementation.

This guide is not a replacement manual for Google Tag Manager. We recommend that you review Google’s documentation before beginning your journey with Google Tag Manager. A good starting point is the First Steps section in the Google Tag Manager Help Centre.

Our use cases describe the general steps required to create tags, rules and macros within the Google Tag Manager interface. Unlike the rest of the AudienceView documentation, wach of the exact steps are not described in minute detail. For example, if a use case requires that you create a rule, the instructions will simply say to create a rule instead of listing each of the steps.

For an outline of the Google Tag Manager (GTM) Configuration Guide's content, refer to the Google Tag Manager (GTM) - Content Map.