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Printing in Batches

For information on printing invoices in a batch, refer to Printing Order Invoices in a Batch.

You can print items from unprinted or partially printed orders in a batch, if you have the permission to do so. During batch printing, the application prints all unprinted admissions, gift certificates/cards, payment receipts, header cards and any other non-admission items to be printed.

The order’s delivery method determines how the application prints the order. 'Email' will email the printed items, 'Download' will generate a PDF document and 'Delivered' and 'Pickup Later' will physically print the items.

You can also use the steps below to preprint tickets or gift certificates/cards. This enables you to generate ticket numbers and/or redemption numbers without actually physically printing the items. This is useful if you do not print tickets in-house. When preprinting, payment receipts and header cards are not printed.

If an item on the order has been printed, the application will not reprint the item. If you want to reprint tickets, you must cancel the original tickets first. For more information, refer to Cancelling Printed Tickets in a Batch. You can only reprint gift certificates or gift cards from Customer Services.

The application prints items in the following order:

  • header cards (such as delivery method receipts)
  • payment receipts (such as signature cards)
  • gift certificates/cards
  • bundle tickets and performance tickets (tickets are sorted by date, section, row and seat)

The following table provides more information about the items printed on an order:

Order Item Description
Header Cards If configured, header cards, are always printed regardless of the type of delivery method and order’s print status.
Payment Receipts Signature cards, or payment receipts, are used to print merchant and customer copies of receipts, for example for credit card payments. The number of signature cards printed, if any, depends on the order’s delivery method:
  • The 'Delivered' and 'Pick Up Now (Kiosk)'  delivery methods result in one signature card.
  • The 'Pick Up Later' and 'Pick Up Now'  delivery methods result in two signature cards.
  • The 'Download' and 'Email' delivery methods do not result in a signature card.
Gift Certificates/Cards When a gift certificate or gift card is printed, the application assigns a redemption number to the item.
Admissions When printing admissions, the application assigns a ticket number to each admission.
Bundle Tickets When printing bundle admissions, the application may assign a single ticket number for the entire bundle or assign individual ticket numbers for each admission:
  • If the bundle uses a bundle ticket template, the application assigns a single bundle ticket number per bundle regardless of the number of admissions and performances included in the bundle. If the bundle includes multiple performances and/or admissions, the ticket holder uses the same bundle ticket for each of the bundle's performances or admissions.
  • If the bundle does not use a bundle ticket template, the application assigns a ticket number for each admission. This results in one ticket per admission per performance on the bundle.