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Selling Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

Customers can purchase gift certificates and gift cards if enabled by your system administrator. The difference between gift certificates and gift cards is that gift cards have a depreciating balance. This means that the balance available on a gift card decreases with each purchase made with the card. In contrast, if a balance remains on a gift certificate, the application generates a new gift certificate for the remaining balance.

Once a gift certificate/card is purchased and printed, it is assigned a unique number and redemption number. This information is required to redeem the gift certificate/card on an order. For more information on making a payment using a gift certificate/card, refer to Using Gift Certificates and Gift Cards to Make a Payment.

The application assigns a new number and redemption number to those gift certificates generated to transfer an original gift certificate's balance. This new gift certificate appears on the order on which the original gift certificate was redeemed.

The following sections describe how to work with gift certificates/cards:

For more information on gift certificate or gift card entries in the order history, refer to Order History.

For information on printing gift certificates and gift cards, refer to Printing Gift Certificates and Gift Cards.