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Customer Services - Customer|History|Passes Page

The Customer|History|Passes page contains a detailed list of the customer’s pass history. Click any pass record to go to the Order|Summary page.

The following image illustrates the Customer|History|Passes page:

The Customer|History|Passes page contains the following properties:

Field Description
Order Number For a pass that was generated through a bundle, the order number which generated the pass.
Pass Name The name of the pass.
Pass Description The description of the pass.
Pass Number The unique number used to identify the pass.
Description The description given to the pass when assigned to the user.
Update Date The date and time the pass was last updated. All displayed passes are sorted by this field.
Customer Pass Record State The transactional state of the pass in the order (e.g. Delete, Insert, Update). When a pass is cancelled, a record is added with this field reading 'Update' and no pass number.


Rows appear on this page in three different shades:
  • White: Indicates that the customer was the billing customer on the order.
  • Light Grey: Indicates that the customer was the shipping customer on the order.
  • Dark Grey: Indicates that the customer was the agent on the order.