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Customer Services - Customer|History|Gift Certificates/Cards Page

The Customer|History|Gift Certificates/Cards page contains a detailed list of all gift certificates and gift cards that have been purchased by the customer. Click any gift certificate/card record to go to the Order|Summary page.

The following image illustrates the Customer|History|Gifts Certificates/Cards page:

The Customer|History|Gifts Certificates/Cards page contains the following properties:

Field Description
Gift Cert/Card Number The gift certificate/card number. All displayed gift certificates/cards are sorted by this field
Amount The amount purchased on the gift certificate/card.
Balance The balance of the gift certificate/card value that has not been redeemed.
Order Number The order on which the gift certificate/card was purchased.
Redemption Order Number The order on which a payment was made with this gift certificate/card. This order’s payment history will also reflect the gift certificate/card information.
Recipient The recipient of the gift certificate/card.
Printer Message The printed message on the gift certificate/card.
Stored Value Name Identifies the item as a gift certificate or a gift card.
Rows appear on this page in three different shades:
  • White: Indicates that the customer was the billing customer on the order.
  • Light Grey: Indicates that the customer was the shipping customer on the order.
  • Dark Grey: Indicates that the customer was the agent on the order.