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Customer Services - Customer|History|Bundles Page

The Customer|History|Bundles page contains a detailed list of all bundles associated with the customer. When a bundle is assigned to a customer who is not the customer attached to the order, the bundle is shaded grey on the Customer|History|Bundles page of the customer the bundle was assigned to. Click any bundle record to go to the Order|Bundles|Seats page.

The following image illustrates the Customer|History|Bundles page:

The Customer|History|Bundles page contains the following properties:

Field Description
Bundle Name The name of the bundle. All displayed bundles are sorted by this field.
Bundle Description The bundle description.
Order Number The order number associated with the purchase of the bundle.
Net The net value of the bundle (excluding taxes and charges).
Order Grand Total The grand total for the order (including all admissions, bundles, charges and taxes).
Created On Date and time the order was created.
Rows appear on this page in three different shades:
  • White: Indicates that the customer was the billing customer on the order.
  • Light Grey: Indicates that the customer was the shipping customer on the order.
  • Dark Grey: Indicates that the customer was the agent on the order.