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Over Payment Allocation

Over allocation occurs when the payment or credit exceeds the total amount owing on the corresponding order. This can occur when a customer performs the following, after making a full payment:

  • Removes items from an order
  • Replaces an item with a lower-priced item

When an order is overpaid, the following occurs:

  1. The outstanding amount is applied to all of the order items.
  2. The overpayment amount is applied as an unallocated amount.

Suppose that after making a full payment to an existing $510.00 order, a customer decides to change a Senior Admission to a Junior Admission. This results in an overpaid balance of $100.00.

The order and its corresponding transaction history are modified as follows:

Order Item Net Value Service Charges Grand Total
Adult Admission $295.00 $5.00 $300.00
Senior Admission
Junior Admission
Miscellaneous Charge $10.00 $10.00
$20.00 $510.00

Transaction ID Transaction Type Debit Credit
1 Order Creation $510.00
2 Customer Payment $510.00
3 Change Admission - $100.00

Upon applying the changes to this order, the current payment is re-allocated as follows: